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Hacktivists might not know a lot about ICS, but they’re well aware of the potential implications of hacking these devices, and some groups have been targeting ICS to draw attention to their cause. [Read More]
A new Sophos firewall zero-day vulnerability tracked as ​​CVE-2022-3236 has been exploited in attacks aimed at organizations in South Asia. [Read More]
Endpoint security firm SentinelOne (NYSE: S) announced a $100 million venture fund that the company will use to invest other security startups. [Read More]
Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update for Endpoint Configuration Manager to patch a vulnerability that could be useful to malicious actors for moving around in a network. [Read More]
ISC has announced patches for multiple high-severity vulnerabilities impacting the BIND DNS software. [Read More]
CISA warns that threat actors are targeting a recently addressed remote code execution vulnerability in Zoho ManageEngine. [Read More]
Researchers have disclosed new firmware vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to gain long-time access to any of the millions of affected devices. [Read More]
CISA and NSA have described the typical game plan of malicious actors targeting critical infrastructure control systems. [Read More]
Twitter has logged out some users from their accounts after learning of a security issue related to password resets. [Read More]
Malwarebytes has announced a $100 million funding round that will help it advance products and channel partnerships. [Read More]

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Torsten George's picture
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100 percent protection. Therefore, we cannot solely focus on “Left of Boom” processes, but also have to talk about the “Right of Boom”.
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Even though things have changed—from SOAR to XDR to CSMA—they have also stayed the same. These new categories are not solutions but really architectures.
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Nothing can ever prepare an organization for every ransomware scenario. However, if you train for multiple situations, your team will be able to make decisions more quickly, and react appropriately when an unforeseen incident occurs.
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Between the excitement and the comfort of working from home, it can be easy to overlook the risks associated with summer travel, but it’s important to remain careful and vigilant.
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When establishing visibility and security controls across endpoints, security practitioners need to understand that each endpoint bears some or all responsibility for its own security.
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Digital experience monitoring technology goes beyond the monitoring of resources and applications, allowing for automated remediation and uncompromised user productivity.
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As email security is an ever-changing landscape, focusing on the most relevant issues in the threat landscape is where organizations need to start.
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Most organizations want to adopt DevSecOps practices, but their current practices are closer to traditional waterfall methodologies than the agile practices described in this DevSecOps manifesto.
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XDR architecture must be broad and deep so that organizations can get the most value out of their existing best-of-breed security solutions, including their free, open-source tools.
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Armed with the right cyber defense strategy, tools, and security controls, organizations can defend themselves against ransomware attacks.