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Hackers started exploiting a path traversal vulnerability in Cisco firewalls shortly after it was patched and disclosed. [Read More]
Cybersecurity company Fortinet has acquired Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cloud provider OPAQ Networks. [Read More]
Cisco has patched several critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited to hack small business routers that are no longer being sold. [Read More]
Cisco has launched an investigation after F-Secure discovered two counterfeit Cisco switches that appear to exploit a previously unknown vulnerability. [Read More]
Security researchers have discovered backdoors impacting a total of 29 Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) Optical Line Terminal (OLT) devices from Chinese vendor C-Data. [Read More]
Juniper Networks has patched over a dozen vulnerabilities in its products, as well as tens of security holes introduced by the use of third-party components. [Read More]
Palo Alto Networks patches two high-severity vulnerabilities in PAN-OS that can be exploited to execute arbitrary OS commands with root permissions. [Read More]
Cyberattack simulation company XM Cyber has raised $17 million in a Series B funding round, which brings the total raised to $49 million. [Read More]
Critical and high-severity vulnerabilities discovered by researchers in F5’s BIG-IP application delivery controller allow a remote attacker to take complete control of a targeted system. [Read More]
Cisco has patched several vulnerabilities affecting various products, including flaws in Small Business routers and switches. [Read More]

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To minimize the effect of an attack, an automated response is vital, which can reduce the amount of time between infection and resolution.
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By combining verifiable trust, intent-based segmentation, and integrated security, organizations can establish a trustworthy, security-driven networking strategy.
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Smart businesses are learning that SD-WAN can play a critical role in quickly—and securely—rolling out new networking environments, and connecting resources and users to data and applications.
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Every business is likely to be subject to cyberattacks at some point, and the option is to either take on the cost of putting measures in place before it happens or paying to clean up after.
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The rate at which recent networking changes have had to occur, and the speed at which cybercriminals have been able to respond, teach us clearly what is needed going forward to ensure ongoing proactive cyber protection.
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For an MSP looking to grow business, the convergence of SD-WAN and security, along with the transitional needs of customers, translates to opportunity.
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Network connections that can change instantaneously in response to shifting business requirements can take a security solution minutes or hours to be reconfigured. And that lag time is prime for exploitation.
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Working remotely should be a positive experience. Here are a few simple suggestions that may help during this time of change.
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Many organizations are not aware that their network sensors are improperly or inefficiently deployed because they do not have a full understanding of how to act on the network traffic being collected.
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Physical and virtual security appliances traditionally suffer from performance challenges, especially when it comes to critical functions such as inspecting encrypted traffic.