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Hackers impersonated Egyptian state oil company Enppi in attempt to infect oil and gas companies with the "Agent Tesla" spyware Trojan. [Read More]
Starbleed is a newly disclosed vulnerability in FPGA chips that can expose many mission- and safety-critical devices to attacks. [Read More]
A threat actor that has been spotted targeting Azerbaijan has shown an interest in the energy sector, specifically SCADA systems related to wind turbines. [Read More]
Siemens says many of its industrial products are affected by the Linux kernel DoS vulnerability known as SegmentSmack. [Read More]
Consulting giant Accenture announced this week that it has acquired critical infrastructure protection firm Revolutionary Security for an undisclosed sum. [Read More]
Several vulnerabilities found in B&R Automation’s Automation Studio software make it easier for hackers to launch attacks on ICS networks. [Read More]
Researchers demonstrated recently how a Stuxnet-style attack can be launched against Schneider Electric’s Modicon PLCs, but it’s believed that controllers from other vendors are vulnerable as well. [Read More]
A global survey of 1,000 IT security professionals has revealed that over 70% would rather protect corporate networks than industrial organizations. [Read More]
Hundreds of publicly available ICS hacking tools, many of which have been developed by researchers, lower the bar for threat actors looking to target OT networks, FireEye warns. [Read More]
Several potentially serious vulnerabilities have been discovered in some of the industrial 4G routers made by Phoenix Contact. [Read More]


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An insider breach targeting OT and IoT systems has the potential to shut down electrical grids, contaminate water supplies and otherwise destroy a nation’s infrastructure.
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Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and machine learning (ML) once seemed stranger than fiction, but are now playing a growing role in industrial environments.
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Since Building Management Systems (BMS) are integrated with and interconnected to both hardwired and cloud based solutions, as well as third party applications, their attack surface is large and getting larger.
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As OT environments evolve, security is key to thwarting attacks with the potential to cause large and costly disruptions.
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By deploying robots with cybersecurity in mind we can ensure that they don’t run the danger of introducing the same negative effects into their environment.
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Failing to implement the right security controls could open the door for attacks and disruption that threatens system availability and performance — the very reasons for leveraging the power of IoT in the first place.
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Passive network security monitoring has its value for identifying certain indicators of compromise (IoC), but does not detect and mitigate all attacks or incidents on ICS networks.
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Protecting global transport networks should be a priority for operators, governments and cybersecurity professionals.
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The risk created by the proliferation of industrial IoT (IIoT) is rising, thanks to the continued mismanagement of third-party involvement in sensitive industrial environments.
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Examining the Triton attack toolkit and methodology behind it offers industrial manufacturers and OEMs, plant safety teams and IT/OT teams more insight into what they need to do to get ahead of hardening their networks