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ERP cybersecurity company Onapsis enters agreement to acquire one of its biggest competitors, Virtual Forge. [Read More]
An IDOR vulnerability in an Amadeus reservation system could expose information on the customers of hundreds of airlines around the world. [Read More]
Consumer advocates and the data-hungry technology industry are drawing early battle lines in 2019 in advance of an expected fight over a national privacy law. [Read More]
The number of US government domains for which security certificates were left to expire due to the government shutdown has exceeded 130. One impacted domain belongs to the White House. [Read More]
The founder of Huawei says his company would refuse to disclose secrets about its customers and their communication networks, trying to lay to rest concerns the tech giant might spy for China. [Read More]
Rapid7 announces release of Metasploit 5.0. The latest major version introduces several new features, improved performance, and extended language support. [Read More]
An adviser to Europe's top court says Google doesn't have to extend "right to be forgotten" rules to its search engines globally. [Read More]
Many .gov domains, including ones belonging to NASA and the DoJ, have not had their TLS certificates renewed during the U.S. government shutdown. [Read More]
Researchers who disclosed Meltdown, Spectre and other similar attacks are now back with a new type of side-channel attack, one that is hardware agnostic and targets the operating system page cache. [Read More]
BlackBerry is licensing its security technology to IoT device manufacturers. A BlackBerry survey of 4,000 people in the US, UK and Canada shows that most don’t trust Internet-connected devices. [Read More]

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Preston Hogue's picture
There have been so many high-profile breaches that a person’s entire life could be laid out, triangulated and, ultimately, faked by someone with the wrong set of intentions.
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Failure to implement basic cybersecurity hygiene practices will leave retailers vulnerable to damage and fines during a lucrative time for their businesses.
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Ashley Arbuckle interviews Michelle Dennedy, Cisco’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), to discuss how data privacy has a major impact on business.
Preston Hogue's picture
It’s a good reminder that communications in cyberspace can have a long shelf life that both individuals and organizations would be wise to consider.
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ePrivacy takes GDPR's approach a step further by ensuring personal and family privacy in relation to data collection, storage and usage.
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Over time, holding people responsible will lead individuals to see how their actions impact the security of the organization and come to consider themselves responsible for the security of the company.
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While GDPR doesn’t require encryption, there are four mentions of encryption in GDPR that provide real incentives for organizations to use encryption.
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GDPR is a regulation-based initiative that will influence the development of information technology over the next decade.
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Big companies can say they are GFPR compliant, but odds are their current structure will never allow them to find, identify, and categorize all the data that they have collected over time.
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Even while using Tor hidden services, there are still many ways you can be exposed and have your activities compromised if you don’t take the right precautions.