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The services of initial access brokers, which sell access to breached organizations to the highest bidder, are increasingly sought-after, with an average price of $7,100. [Read More]
Transport for NSW and NSW Health said some information was taken during the cyber-attack. [Read More]
Reddit has hired Allison Miller as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and VP of Trust. [Read More]
A South Carolina county continues to rebuild its computer network after what it called a sophisticated hacking attempt. [Read More]
Several cybersecurity-related acquisitions were announced in the third week of February 2021. [Read More]
Carmakers Kia and Hyundai denied that the outages they suffered in the past week in the United States were the result of a ransomware attack. [Read More]
The General Assembly is advancing legislation that allows Virginia consumers more protection with their online data, though opponents say the measure does not include the ability for people to file private lawsuits against companies that breach the proposed law. [Read More]
Microsoft says the SolarWinds hackers attempted to access its systems even after they were discovered and they were apparently searching for secrets in source code. [Read More]
Access governance company SPHERE has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by ForgePoint Capital. [Read More]
Apple has published an updated Platform Security Guide, providing detailed technical explanations on the security features and technology implemented in its products. [Read More]

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Yaniv Vardi's picture
Supply chain cyber risk is complicated and spans the entire lifecycle of a product—across design, manufacturing, distribution, storage, and maintenance.
Marc Solomon's picture
The center of gravity of the Security Operations Center (SOC) used to be the SIEM, but this is shifting as the mission of the SOC shifts to become a detection and response organization.
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The pandemic has resulted in security team members and teams working better together, as well as more closely with other departments and with industry sharing groups.
Laurence Pitt's picture
In 2021 we will see challenges and changes, but the moves forward will be positive and empower both users and the business to succeed securely.
AJ Nash's picture
For companies trying to build new or mature existing intelligence programs, the Age of COVID has been an excellent time to capture 30-60 minutes with that hard-to-find manager
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To push security operations forward, we must move towards a single, collaborative environment that can include threat hunters, incident handlers and threat intelligence and SOC analysts.
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While the SolarWinds hack is not the first supply chain attack to make headlines, its sophistication and blast radius is forcing organizations to consider how they can minimize their exposure to these types of threats in the future.
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As you build your cyber intelligence program – and have all the vendors lined up to take your money – don’t overlook the importance of investing in the right people.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Many security teams will have to reduce budget against projects scheduled for 2021, with funds being re-allocated to pandemic-related business and workforce enablement
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Curated threat intelligence is an essential capability of the SOC, enabling tools and teams to work more efficiently and effectively to optimize everything from incident response to threat hunting.