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In a barebones advisory, Apple acknowledged the zero-day took aim at a memory corruption issue in IOMobileFrameBuffer, an oft-targeted iOS kernel extension. [Read More]
The company focuses on securing the cloud-native application development. [Read More]
The U.K. government’s cybersecurity agency plans to ship a collection of well-tested, reliable scanning scripts to help defenders mitigate high-priority software flaws. [Read More]
Security updates released for PrinterLogic Web Stack and the Virtual Appliance address nine security bugs, including a trio of high-severity issues. [Read More]
XDR company Hunters has raised $68 million in a Series C funding round, which brings the total raised by the firm to $118 million. [Read More]
California-based Revelstoke has emerged from stealth mode with a SOAR platform to automate SOCs, and $13 million in Series A funding. [Read More]
A key part of President Joe Biden's plans to fight major ransomware attacks and digital espionage campaigns has been languishing for more than eight months, and this is not the first time lawmakers have been unhappy with the pace of progress. [Read More]
The startup plans to use the investment to expand the capabilities of its AppSecOps platform, as well as its go-to-market efforts. [Read More]
The Port of Los Angeles opened its new Cyber Resilience Center (CRC) to improve the cybersecurity readiness of the Port and enhance its threat-sharing and recovery capabilities among supply chain stakeholders. [Read More]
New Jersey court delivers summary judgment against Ace American Insurance company’s refusal to pay based on war exclusion clause. [Read More]

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Torsten George's picture
Schools should take measures to identify and secure sensitive data, keep devices up-to-date, and ensure that their endpoint security controls are working.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
While there are many approaches to successfully accomplishing cross-team security initiatives, these seven points are helpful when working to push these efforts across the finish line.
Jeff Orloff's picture
When organizations adopt a broader yet more focused framework for cybersecurity staffing, they’re suddenly positioned to gain a clear competitive advantage in the labor market.
John Maddison's picture
Cybersecurity deployments have become as complex as the networks they are trying to protect. And that’s not a good thing.
Marc Solomon's picture
An open integration architecture provides the greatest access to data from technologies, threat feeds and other third-party sources, and the ability to drive action back to those technologies once a decision is made.
Gordon Lawson's picture
The rise of social engineering tactics as well as risks associated with embedded vulnerabilities in contractor networks makes keeping this technology confidential and out of the hands of adversaries increasingly difficult.
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The right to work is one of the most fundamental professional rights. Those who actively threaten or work against this right act against the interests of the security community as a whole.
Keith Ibarguen's picture
I would like to suggest a New Year’s Resolution for my peers in the security industry: Focus on the outcome the other person is seeking, and if you agree with it, help make it happen.
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Cyber resiliency measures (i.e., architectural design, technologies, operational practices) assume that today’s threat actors can achieve a foothold in an organization’s infrastructure and in turn post-exploit activities must be contained and eliminated.
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The security industry must commit to a risk-based approach that understands the specific attacks and actors targeting their industry and profile.