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State and local governments will be required to spend a portion of nearly $1.9 billion in annual federal public safety grants on the fight against domestic extremism and improved cybersecurity. [Read More]
Many cybersecurity-related mergers and acquisitions were announced in February 2021, including by Akamai, Proofpoint, SentinelOne, Tenable, CrowdStrike and Palo Alto Networks. [Read More]
The tech giant used these queries to analyze source code at scale and identify indicators of compromise (IoCs) associated with Solorigate. [Read More]
NEWS ANALYSIS: Armorblox raises $30 million and joins a growing list of well-heeled startups taking a stab addressing one of cybersecurity’s most difficult problems: keeping malicious hackers out of corporate mailboxes. [Read More]
Venture capital giant Sequoia Capital said the recently disclosed cybersecurity incident was apparently part of a BEC attack. [Read More]
Full-time Linux kernel maintainers Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor to focus on improving security. [Read More]
In response to a security breach that exposed personal information from unemployment claims, Washington Senate has unanimously passed a measure that creates a state Office of Cybersecurity. [Read More]
GitHub has hired former Cisco CISO Mike Hanley as its new Chief Security Officer (CSO) [Read More]
Leveraging security ratings as part of your cyber risk management program provides metrics that help you cut through the complexity to understand where the risk lies in your digital and vendor ecosystem. [Read More]
The social platform associated the accounts with state-sponsored actors operating out of Armenia, Iran, and Russia. [Read More]

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Marc Solomon's picture
Curated threat intelligence is an essential capability of the SOC, enabling tools and teams to work more efficiently and effectively to optimize everything from incident response to threat hunting.
Derek Manky's picture
With the pandemic creating a massive remote work shift and consequent rises in cyber risk, finding individuals with cybersecurity skills is harder than ever.
Tim Bandos's picture
Keeping a ‘six foot distance’ between our digital home life and digital work life can go a long way when it comes to safeguarding our most sensitive data, too.
AJ Nash's picture
Knowing that threat intelligence is readily available and proving its worth is one thing, understanding how to use it within your security operations program is quite another.
Marc Solomon's picture
When intelligence becomes a capability and not just subscriptions to feeds, we can gain the full value of intelligence as the foundation to security operations.
Torsten George's picture
Today’s dynamic threatscape requires security professionals to adjust to an ever-expanding attack surface.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
I have noticed some common threads that run through both good and bad advice, particularly in the security field.
Derek Manky's picture
It’s amazing how foundational security principles, consistently implemented, can help defeat the craftiest attack vector.
Idan Aharoni's picture
As organizations’ visibility is limited to what their threat intelligence vendors cover, by definition they will never have full visibility.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Remote workers must take additional responsibility for keeping data safe from attacks, but it is the role of the company to provide training, awareness and tools to make this happen.