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Swiss-based global shipping giant MSC has confirmed that the recent outage was caused by a malware attack that affected its headquarters in Geneva. [Read More]
Linksys has prompted users to reset passwords after learning that hackers were leveraging stolen credentials to change router settings and direct customers to malware. [Read More]
The recently disclosed attack targeting San Francisco International Airport (SFO) websites has been linked to a Russian threat actor. [Read More]
The question should be, is backup alone enough, or is full disaster recovery required to mitigate the effect of ransomware on your business? [Read More]
Zoom has promised to improve security and privacy, but an increasing number of organizations have decided to ban the video conferencing application. [Read More]
As China forges its role as one of the great world powers, it continues to rely upon a blast furnace of cyber espionage operations in order to acquire foreign technologies and intellectual property. [Read More]
NASA is seeing a significant increase in cyberattacks, including phishing and malware attacks, while its employees work remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak. [Read More]
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Marriott over the recently disclosed data breach that impacted as many as 5.2 million customers. [Read More]
Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are delaying plans to disable support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 protocols in Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. [Read More]
A hacker has stolen files related to some AMD GPUs and they plan on making them all public unless they get paid. [Read More]

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Security teams need the ability to understand threats, hunt for threats and use automation effectively and responsibly.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
When the security of our organization depends on us leaving our comfort zone, how can we ensure that we accomplish what we set out to do without putting the organization at additional risk?
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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a great vehicle to raise awareness for cybersecurity and to remind every organization that the ability to improve security operations begins with contextual awareness.
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Here’s a crash-course on the intelligence cycle and how you can apply and derive value from its core principles—no matter your role or security discipline:
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Five things you should know about incident pruning and how to apply it to improve investigations, threat hunting and incident response.
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A use case-centric approach to threat intelligence can yield substantial benefits and is absolutely worth pursuing. It just needs to be pursued properly.
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Visualization holds the key for quickly understanding patterns and determining which threads to pull.
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While the urge to hack back after a data breach is very appealing, going back to the basics and applying proper cyber hygiene is a better alternative.
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No organization is fully immune to ransomware attacks, which is why having a comprehensive and well-tested incident response (IR) plan can make all the difference.
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What does the cyber kill chain have to do with Sherlock Holmes, and this quote in particular?