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Identity solutions provider Transmit Security has raised $543 million in a Series A funding round, at a pre-money valuation of $2.2 billion. [Read More]
Endpoint security company SentinelOne has set the terms of its IPO, looking to raise up to $928 million and aiming for a valuation of over $7 billion. [Read More]
If your business falls victim to ransomware and you want simple advice on whether to pay the criminals, don’t expect much help from the U.S. government. The answer is apt to be: It depends. [Read More]
Several cybersecurity-related acquisitions were announced between June 14 and 20, 2021. [Read More]
Officials at Vermont’s largest hospital are still trying to determine the full financial impact of the cyberattack last October that knocked out computers affecting three hospitals in Vermont and three in New York. [Read More]
Water Sector Coordinating Council releases a new cybersecurity report just as another water plant hack comes to light. [Read More]
As ransomware attacks surge, the FBI is doubling down on its guidance to affected businesses: Don’t pay the cybercriminals. But the U.S. government also offers a little-noticed incentive for those who do pay: The ransoms may be tax deductible. [Read More]
The NSA has released guidance for securing Unified Communications (UC) and Voice and Video over IP (VVoIP) enterprise communication systems. [Read More]
Akamai has blamed Thursday’s outage on an issue with its Prolexic DDoS attack protection service. [Read More]
Google unveils a new end-to-end framework to help drive the enforcement of standards and guidelines to ensuring the integrity of software artifacts throughout the software supply chain. [Read More]

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
You may be asking yourself what adopting a pound dog has to do with security. To help answer it, I’d like to share five security lessons that my daughter taught me during a recent conversation on the topic.
Landon Winkelvoss's picture
Ineffective security approaches when integrating two separate organizations can lead to significant issues that could undercut the business value of a merger or acquisition.
Tim Bandos's picture
Before even thinking about approaching a vendor, talk at length about the project amongst yourselves. What problem are you trying to solve and how will you know when you’ve solved it?
Marc Solomon's picture
As you determine what security technologies to invest in, develop not only a technology roadmap, but also include and align an operational roadmap.
Laurence Pitt's picture
For many of us, RSA Conference 2020 in San Francisco was the last time we came together as a community, met with colleagues, and saw new technology offerings.
Rob Fry's picture
By taking some lessons from outside our cybersecurity sandbox, we can address some of the significant challenges in cybersecurity.
Landon Winkelvoss's picture
While cyber due diligence has yet to become commonplace in M&A transactions, the consequences of failing to identify risks and active campaigns can have costly implications.
Gunter Ollmann's picture
In the merry-go-round world of InfoSec technologies and “what’s old is new again,” this year we should include Attack Surface Management with a dash of Continuous.
Torsten George's picture
President Biden's Executive Order (EO) to improve the nation’s cybersecurity is a good first step but it is likely not going to materially change the defensive posture of the nation.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Josh Goldfarb analyzes five statements stubborn people often say, discusses how they harm an organization's security posture, and suggests ways forward in each case.