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A Kingspan water tank management system used by organizations worldwide is affected by a critical vulnerability and the vendor does not appear to be willing to patch it. [Read More]
LTE and 5G network security firm OneLayer recieved a $6.5 million equity investment from Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), the VC arm of Koch Industries. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities found in Flexlan wireless LAN devices used for airplane Wi-Fi can be exploited by a passenger to hack other passengers. [Read More]
ICS Patch Tuesday: Siemens and Schneider Electric have patched dozens of vulnerabilities affecting their products. [Read More]
The FBI warns that unpatched and outdated medical devices puts patient safety and medical data integrity at risk. [Read More]
Spyware, ransomware and cryptojacking malware have been increasingly detected on ICS devices, according to data from Kaspersky. [Read More]
Critical KEPServerEX vulnerabilities that impact the products of several major industrial automation vendors can put attackers in a powerful position in OT networks. [Read More]
The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) published guidelines for testers and vendors looking to check the efficiency and functionality of security products designed to protect IoT devices. [Read More]
JFrog has disclosed the details of several DoS and remote code execution vulnerabilities affecting OPC UA, including flaws exploited at an ICS hacking competition. [Read More]
CISA urges critical infrastructure leaders to start preparing for the migration to the post-quantum cryptographic standard that NIST will publish in 2024. [Read More]


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Over the last few years, the majority of large enterprises have come a long way in defining their operational technology (OT) governance strategies and making meaningful advances in risk reduction.
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For Smart Cities to truly live up to their promise, we shouldn’t forget that – like all infrastructure – safety and security are a top priority.
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The adoption of IoT technology used to connect SCADA systems to the internet either directly or indirectly dramatically increases the risk of a successful exploit.
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Over the last few years, the pandemic and work from home paradigm shift have accelerated the convergence of IT and OT networks and necessitated a consolidated strategy to address cyber risks across cyber-physical systems (CPS).
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Fusion centers are able to converge cyber and physical security, close gaps in coverage, and scale security to protect facilities and hundreds of thousands of employees.
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There are no easy solutions to close the operational technology (OT) cybersecurity talent gap, but here are few ideas to help you get started.
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There are seven immediate steps you can take to put your organization on the path toward better situational awareness and risk reduction to protect critical infrastructure.
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The biggest advantage defenders have as the nature of the conflict and strategies evolve, is to know their networks better than the adversary.
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We must encourage the growth of research communities to help strengthen industrial cybersecurity, and we need to act fast.
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Given the range and complexity of XIoT, it’s understandable that CISOs want to have a comprehensive view across all aspects and elements of their networks, spanning industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments.