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Self-disclosures by XIoT vendors have surpassed independent research outfits as the second most prolific vulnerability reporters. [Read More]
IBM data shows that old and inconspicuous vulnerabilities are commonly targeted in scanning activity seen in OT. SecurityWeek has talked to several experts to find out what this data means. [Read More]
SynSaber has raised $13 million in Series A funding for its ICS/OT asset and network monitoring solution. [Read More]
There has been an increase in threats that can target and disrupt ICS systems, according to data from Honeywell. [Read More]
The Cl0p ransomware group claims to have accessed SCADA systems at a UK water company, but their claims about being able to control chemicals could be overblown. [Read More]
Researchers have shown how hackers could weaponize PLCs and use them to exploit engineering workstations running software from several major industrial automation companies. [Read More]
A team of researchers from the Technion research university in Israel is conducting an analysis of Siemens software controllers and they are gradually identifying security issues. [Read More]
Potentially serious vulnerabilities have been found in a building management system made by Alerton, a brand of industrial giant Honeywell. [Read More]
The number of ransomware attacks on industrial organizations dropped from 158 in Q1 to 125 in Q2, and it may be related to the shutdown of the Conti operation. [Read More]
Siemens and Schneider Electric have only released 8 advisories this Patch Tuesday — they describe 11 vulnerabilities, some of which will never get patched. [Read More]


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Under the leadership of Jen Easterly, CISA launch several key initiatives to significantly increase government collaboration among federal agencies as well as with the private sector.
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What can defenders do in this new reality to strengthen the security posture of their OT environments? Here are five recommendations every CISO should consider.
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Critical infrastructure companies need to think of cybersecurity holistically, enabled by a single SOC to protect these once-separate environments in a holistic manner.
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If you’re a CISO or security leader, here are three questions to ask yourself as you consider this legislation and look to improve the security posture of your OT environment.
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Whether your company is assessing your existing capability to detect and respond to threats within your OT environment or considering new solutions, these three questions can help guide your evaluation:
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Wherever you are on your industrial cybersecurity journey, the important thing is to start strengthening cyber defenses and resilience now.
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ICS operators need additional methods of obscuring their critical infrastructure from cyber security threats and tactics while allowing teams to more anonymously conduct incident detection and response.
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Adversaries are evolving their approaches and escalating attacks against industrial networks. They aren’t operating on our timelines, so we need to focus on what we can do next week and next month to reduce risk the most.
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Companies in the industrial space face unique challenges when it comes to revealing what needs to be secured.
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Proactive risk management requires being able to examine and address risk from different yet complementary perspectives to bring context to the overall security of an OT environment.