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CISA has released a fact sheet focusing on the threat posed by ransomware attacks to OT/ICS assets. [Read More]
Several vulnerabilities discovered by Kaspersky researchers in Rockwell Automation software impact industrial products from Schneider Electric, GE and other vendors. [Read More]
Honeywell announces new Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response (AMIR) service for industrial organizations. [Read More]
Siemens and Schneider Electric released several advisories on Patch Tuesday to inform customers about tens of vulnerabilities affecting their products. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities found in WAGO controllers can allow hackers to disrupt technological processes, which can lead to industrial accidents, researchers warned. [Read More]
Researchers have found 10 vulnerabilities, including 9 rated critical and high severity, in CODESYS industrial automation software used in many ICS products. [Read More]
Industrial switches from Korenix, Westermo and Pepperl+Fuchs are affected by the same vulnerabilities due to sharing of firmware made by Korenix. [Read More]
JBS SA said late Tuesday that it had made “significant progress” in dealing with the cyberattack and expected the “vast majority” of its plants to be operating on Wednesday, June 2nd. [Read More]
The White House confirmed that Brazil-based meat processor JBS SA notified the U.S. government of a ransom demand from a criminal organization likely based in Russia. [Read More]
Researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability that can be exploited by a remote and unauthenticated attacker to hack Siemens PLCs. [Read More]


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Adversaries are evolving their approaches and escalating attacks against industrial networks. They aren’t operating on our timelines, so we need to focus on what we can do next week and next month to reduce risk the most.
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Companies in the industrial space face unique challenges when it comes to revealing what needs to be secured.
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Proactive risk management requires being able to examine and address risk from different yet complementary perspectives to bring context to the overall security of an OT environment.
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As industrial cybersecurity rises to the top of priority lists for CISOs and their boards, we have an opportunity to think differently about industrial operations protection.
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The Swiss Army Knife approach helps ensure we’re prepared for many different situations and can act fast. It also makes sense for how we should approach industrial cybersecurity.
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The change we encountered in 2020 was unprecedented and had a dramatic impact on our operational technology (OT) environments – accelerating and sometimes recasting how we address the following four key areas.
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Security teams need to able to identify and track threats that cross the IT/OT boundary, which means having access to IT/OT threat signatures for the ICS networks as well.
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In lock step with digital transformation projects, organizations are adopting the best practice of centralizing responsibility and accountability for securing the OT environment with the CISO.
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How do we take what we’ve learned this year, capitalize on the change in mindset that it is possible to move fast, and apply it to seize the OT security opportunity in 2021?
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As digital transformation and cybersecurity become pillars that successful companies will build their futures on, the time has come to include CISOs and CIOs on company boards.