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Tyler Technologies has advised customers to reset remote network access passwords after a couple of customers reported suspicious logins. [Read More]
Microsoft this week announced that it recently removed 18 Azure Active Directory applications that were being abused by China-linked state-sponsored threat actor GADOLINIUM. [Read More]
Washington state is among those being targeted by a “large-scale, highly sophisticated” nationwide phishing campaign, the office of Gov. Jay Inslee said Thursday. [Read More]
A Maryland man was sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison for hacking into and damaging the computers of his former employer. [Read More]
A threat actor was able to compromise the network of a federal agency and create a reverse proxy and install malware, CISA reported on Thursday. [Read More]
Tyler Technologies, a major provider of software and services for the U.S. government, has confirmed that the recently disclosed cybersecurity incident involved ransomware. [Read More]
A Russian citizen accused of offering a Tesla employee $1 million to enable a ransomware attack at the electric car company’s plant in Nevada denied wrongdoing Thursday before a federal magistrate judge. [Read More]
A Nigerian hacker was sentenced to 36 months in prison in the United States for participating in a scheme that targeted government employees. [Read More]
A hacking group made up of Russian speakers is targeting organizations in Russia and post-Soviet countries with ransomware. [Read More]
Tyler Technologies, a major provider of software and services for the U.S. government, informed customers of a security incident that is believed to have involved ransomware. [Read More]


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Speak with security professionals who are involved in monitoring the Dark Web and you will probably end up getting varied responses as to what it is and what it is comprised of.
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Vishing is a form of criminal phone fraud, combining one-on-one phone calls with custom phishing sites.
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Ransomware is just one of many tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that threat actors are using to attack organizations by compromising remote user devices.
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Many organizations are steadfast in their belief that dark web monitoring is a critical part of their security operations and the security industry is happy to fuel that belief.
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Researchers have undertaken a deep dive into the shadowy, cyber world of those whose work involves abusing others online through trickery, extortion, fraud, and theft resulting from COVID-19.
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CISA has recently designated many cyber security positions ‘essential roles', and our understanding of essential businesses and essential employees will continue to change as the pandemic evolves.
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The barriers to entering the field of cybercrime have been significantly lowered, and for modest amounts of money, would-be scammers can buy high-quality phishing tools online.
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Most of today’s cyber-attacks are front ended by phishing campaigns. So, what can organizations do to prevent their users from falling for the bait of these attacks?
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Many of us are familiar with the two most common types of socially engineered attacks – phishing and spear-phishing – but there are many more to be aware of.
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Although robocalls are a pain for many of us, action is being taken to bring the problem under control.