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The social platform associated the accounts with state-sponsored actors operating out of Armenia, Iran, and Russia. [Read More]
Leading technology companies said Tuesday that cyber operations linked to the massive SolarWinds hack was so sophisticated, focused and labor-intensive that a nation had to be behind it, with all the evidence pointing to Russia. [Read More]
The services of initial access brokers, which sell access to breached organizations to the highest bidder, are increasingly sought-after, with an average price of $7,100. [Read More]
On par with prolific crimeware gangs, the group is noisy and lacks the techniques observed in advanced operations. [Read More]
Transport for NSW and NSW Health said some information was taken during the cyber-attack. [Read More]
Venture capital giant Sequoia Capital told investors recently that their personal information may have been compromised following a phishing attack. [Read More]
Without enough evidence for full attribution, the intrusion and extortion activities are tracked separately. [Read More]
Veteran cybersecurity practitioner and executive Caleb Sima has been tapped to lead security at mobile stock trading startup Robinhood. [Read More]
A South Carolina county continues to rebuild its computer network after what it called a sophisticated hacking attempt. [Read More]
APT31 managed to capture and clone the Equation Group’s exploit for CVE-2017-0005 three years before Shadow Brokers’ “Lost in Translation” leak. [Read More]


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Over the coming weeks, we must be vigilant as there will be a glut of activity and misinformation from cybercriminals wanting to disrupt the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
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Josh Goldfarb discusses what enterprises can do to mitigate risk and limit losses account takeover (ATO) fraud, account opening (AO) fraud, and payment fraud.
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Proposed Distributed Account Information Certification (DAIC) enables organizations to quickly and securely validate the bank account information of companies before they send payments
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By implementing controls to prevent fraud and implementing fraud monitoring capabilities, state agencies can greatly reduce the amount of unemployment fraud that happens under their auspices.
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For any fraud detection solution to be practical, it must be easily integrated into security and fraud operations.
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2020 has taught us to revisit the practice of inspecting encrypted traffic. These are all standard security protocols to step up in light of what cybercriminals are doing now.
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With law enforcement’s ability to adapt, showing consistent results despite cybercriminals’ adoption of new technologies, as well as the increase in awareness of cyber attacks, there’s still a room for optimism – not only for the next year, but also for the next decade.
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Facts, data, and evidence are extremely important to properly detecting, preventing, and investigating both security incidents and fraud incidents.
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Playing whack-a-mole with malicious code infections, phishing sites, and compromised credentials won’t help an enterprise reduce losses due to fraud.
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Speak with security professionals who are involved in monitoring the Dark Web and you will probably end up getting varied responses as to what it is and what it is comprised of.