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Microsoft and FireEye have detailed several new pieces of malware that they believe are linked to the SolarWinds hackers. [Read More]
Four prominent Russian-language cybercriminal forums have been breached since the beginning of this year. [Read More]
The high severity flaws were introduced in the Linux kernel since November 2019 and affect all major distributions. [Read More]
Managed services provider CompuCom targeted in a malware attack that has caused some disruption to customer services. [Read More]
Several cybercriminals are involved in activities related to bypassing the security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. [Read More]
Mysterious cybercrime group has targeted industrial organizations in Europe, Asia and North America as part of an information theft campaign. [Read More]
More than 300 web shells and over 2000 vulnerable Exchange serves have been identified to date. [Read More]
The Clop ransomware gang has leaked Qualys files it gained access to during a December 2020 cyber-attack on Accellion FTA. [Read More]
Uber has turned the CISO reins to NewsCorp executive Latha Maripuri, while Square taps a Google veteran to be manage its security program. [Read More]
The latest browser release includes patches for a total of 47 vulnerabilities, including 32 reported by external researchers. [Read More]


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Each side of the public-private collaboration has resources and capabilities that shore up the other and increase effectiveness in combatting cybercrime.
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The ransomware threat could still become more pervasive over the next two to three years, not because ransomware is effective in and of itself but because of other players in the game continue to fan the flames.
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Over the coming weeks, we must be vigilant as there will be a glut of activity and misinformation from cybercriminals wanting to disrupt the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
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Josh Goldfarb discusses what enterprises can do to mitigate risk and limit losses account takeover (ATO) fraud, account opening (AO) fraud, and payment fraud.
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Proposed Distributed Account Information Certification (DAIC) enables organizations to quickly and securely validate the bank account information of companies before they send payments
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By implementing controls to prevent fraud and implementing fraud monitoring capabilities, state agencies can greatly reduce the amount of unemployment fraud that happens under their auspices.
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For any fraud detection solution to be practical, it must be easily integrated into security and fraud operations.
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2020 has taught us to revisit the practice of inspecting encrypted traffic. These are all standard security protocols to step up in light of what cybercriminals are doing now.
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With law enforcement’s ability to adapt, showing consistent results despite cybercriminals’ adoption of new technologies, as well as the increase in awareness of cyber attacks, there’s still a room for optimism – not only for the next year, but also for the next decade.
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Facts, data, and evidence are extremely important to properly detecting, preventing, and investigating both security incidents and fraud incidents.