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Hackers associated with the “Fullz House” group have compromised the website of Boom! Mobile and planted a web skimmer. [Read More]
Facebook on Thursday released a detailed technical report on a malware campaign that targeted its ad platform for years. [Read More]
A newly detailed business email compromise (BEC) campaign has resulted in more than $15 million being diverted from at least 150 organizations worldwide. [Read More]
Twitter on Wednesday announced that it removed 130 accounts originating from Iran that were aimed at disrupting the first 2020 U.S. presidential debate. [Read More]
Threat actors are expected to spread false information regarding hacked voter information and voting systems, the FBI and CISA said in an alert. [Read More]
A Nigerian hacker was sentenced to 36 months in prison in the United States for participating in a scheme that targeted government employees. [Read More]
Threat actors are expected to launch disinformation campaigns targeting the results of the 2020 elections in the US, the FBI and CISA said in an alert this week. [Read More]
Facebook said Tuesday it derailed a network of fakes accounts out of China that had recently taken aim at the US presidential race. [Read More]
The founder and CEO of NS8, a cyber fraud prevention and protection company, has been charged with fraud just months after the firm raised $123 million in funding. [Read More]
The United States Department of Justice on Wednesday unsealed an indictment against two Russian nationals engaged in cryptocurrency fraud schemes. [Read More]

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Laurence Pitt's picture
Although robocalls are a pain for many of us, action is being taken to bring the problem under control.
Alastair Paterson's picture
Organizations may not be able to mitigate BEC scams entirely; however, tightening up processes will ensure data exposure is kept to a minimum.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
The abundance of compromised card data and other assets available online continues to hinder the fight against card-not-present (CNP) fraud.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
Even organizations with the most robust defense solutions and advanced automated technologies cannot effectively combat threats such as BEC without the adequate support and nuanced expertise of humans.
Travis Greene's picture
While a credit freeze can protect against the opening of fraudulent credit accounts, it is not an inoculation against identity theft. What can be done to help protect identities and the attributes associated with them?
Ting-Fang Yen's picture
The attackers may be looking for the path of least resistance, but there is no shortcut to securing your platform.
Lance Cottrell's picture
In addition to basic credit monitoring, breached companies need to get ahead of the attacks and start providing security solutions that actually protect the victims before they are victimized again.
Torsten George's picture
While effective at curbing “petty crimes” such as credit skimming / cloning, EMV does not address more sophisticated cyber-attacks that target backend systems which contain card holders’ most sensitive information.
James Foster's picture
Many fraudulent accounts are mere satire or innocuous trolling, but others are created with far more devious intentions.
Jon-Louis Heimerl's picture
Social engineering attacks can happen at any time. Here are some strategies you can use to help reduce the chances of a successful social engineering/phishing attack you or your organization.