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The Biden administration is preparing to announce sanctions in response to the massive "SolarWinds hack" attributed to Russia, that breached federal agencies, as well as for election interference, a senior administration official said. [Read More]
Capcom says data of 15,649 people was compromised and its internal systems are near to completely restored. [Read More]
The organization that oversees Sweden’s national sports federations was hacked by Russian military intelligence in 2017-18, officials claim. [Read More]
The surge in ransomware attacks, that are meant to be noisy and detected, is partially the reason for shorter dwell times observed in live attacks over the last year. [Read More]
Redmond ships fixes for 114 documented security problems, including four new gaping Exchange Server holes and a Windows bug that's already being exploited in live attacks. [Read More]
CISA publishes details on additional malware identified on compromised Microsoft Exchange servers, namely China Chopper webshells and DearCry ransomware. [Read More]
A former Kansas utility worker has been charged with remotely tampering with a public water system’s cleaning procedures, highlighting the difficulty smaller utilities face in protecting against hackers. [Read More]
Doctor Web reports that 10 modifications of the Joker malware that made it to the app store were downloaded by more than 530,000 users. [Read More]
IcedID banking trojan operators send messages using contact forms in an attempt to trick victims into downloading malicious attachments. [Read More]
Israeli spy agencies accused Iran of using fake social media accounts to lure citizens of the Jewish state abroad "to harm or abduct them". [Read More]


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Taking down dark web sites may cause headache for both the bad guys and the good guys, but it can also have a profound positive effect on the fight against cybercrime.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Josh Goldfarb debunks the most common myths surrounding fraud, security and user experience.
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Each side of the public-private collaboration has resources and capabilities that shore up the other and increase effectiveness in combatting cybercrime.
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The ransomware threat could still become more pervasive over the next two to three years, not because ransomware is effective in and of itself but because of other players in the game continue to fan the flames.
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Over the coming weeks, we must be vigilant as there will be a glut of activity and misinformation from cybercriminals wanting to disrupt the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Josh Goldfarb discusses what enterprises can do to mitigate risk and limit losses account takeover (ATO) fraud, account opening (AO) fraud, and payment fraud.
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Proposed Distributed Account Information Certification (DAIC) enables organizations to quickly and securely validate the bank account information of companies before they send payments
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By implementing controls to prevent fraud and implementing fraud monitoring capabilities, state agencies can greatly reduce the amount of unemployment fraud that happens under their auspices.
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For any fraud detection solution to be practical, it must be easily integrated into security and fraud operations.
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2020 has taught us to revisit the practice of inspecting encrypted traffic. These are all standard security protocols to step up in light of what cybercriminals are doing now.