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Complimentary IT Security Resources [May 13, 2013]

As a SecurityWeek reader, we are pleased to offer you the following complimentary IT security resources for the week of May 13, 2013.

Weaponized Malware - A Clear and Present Danger  - Originally intended for cyber-espionage and cyber-warfare, these sophisticated attacks are now available to any cyber-criminal. How can security pros protect their organizations from these emerging perils? [Download it Now]


Evolving Endpoint Malware Detection: Dealing with Advanced and Targeted Attacks - Today's professional malware writers have gotten ahead of these trends by using advanced malware and other commercial malware techniques to defeat traditional endpoint defenses. [Download it Now]


Real World Protection and Remediation Report - AV-Test performed a comparative review of 7 enterprise endpoint security products to determine their real-world protection and remediation capabilities. The malware test used samples for real-world threats, false-positives, and remediation. [Download it Now]  


Endpoint Security: Anti-Virus Alone is Not Enough - For many organizations, endpoint security consists of anti-virus software and network security consists of a firewall. Aberdeen's research confirms - and quantifies - the prevailing wisdom that enterprise security based on anti-virus software alone is not enough. [Download it Now]


Best Practice Guide to Addressing Web 2.0 Risks - With the rise of user-generated content, social networks and readily available information offered by the Web 2.0-enabled workplace, users are more connected to people and ideas than ever before. This new level of connectivity also introduces significant risk. Organizations need to find the proper balance of risk vs. productivity through improved policy, controls and education of users. [Download it Now]


Virtualization Security Risks: How to Develop Your Strategic Approach - NowWhat virtualization software can accomplish is nearly limitless.  But has your management methodology and software kept up?  This whitepaper will take an in-depth look at virtualization technologies, security risks, and virtualization technology management models. [Download Now]


Endpoint Security Management Buyers Guide - This report by analyst firm Securosis, is focused on helping you understand what features and functions are important - in the four critical areas of patch management, configuration management, device control, and file integrity monitoring. [Download Now]


Is Your Enterprise Managing Certificates? Three Reasons It Should Be. - A new Aberdeen Group Market Report offers in-depth analysis about how attackers are targeting and successfully exploiting known vulnerabilities in the certificate infrastructure, and why most enterprises are not managing the associated risks. [Download Now]


Navigate The Future Of The Security Organization - Is your status among C-level colleagues slipping? Are your budgetary pitches falling flat? 

If you've answered "yes" to either of these questions, Forrester Research's report, Navigate the Future of the Security Organization can help. [Download Now


Aberdeen Research: Encryption, Without Tears - 

Like most enterprises, you're deployed encryption broadly to protect information and authenticate systems. In this report, analyst Derek Brink quantifies the costs and effects of three encryption-management strategies. [Download Now]


IT Pros Guide to Endpoint Protection: Top 5 Tips For Enabling A Self-Defending Endpoint - Stay on top of endpoint security by implementing these five tips that will help you prevent costly malware outbreaks and data breaches, even as the barrage of attacks intensifies. [Download Now]



The Busy IT Professional's Guide to Governance Risk and Compliance - Streamline your compliance efforts by implementing these five tips that will help you better tie together security deployments and processes, business goals and compliance activities. [Get it Now]


The Rising Threat of Corporate Cybercrime: Cybercriminal Motives and Methods - Compromising employee endpoints with malware has become the preferred method for attackers; a far simpler path into the corporate network than a direct network attack.  Enterprises need to recognize and address this growing danger. [Download Now]


Test Report: Antivirus Effectiveness VMware vSphere 5 Virtual Environments - Tolly benchmarked the performance of four top endpoint security vendors within VMware vSphere 5 virtual environments. [Get the free report]


Proving Your Vulnerability Compliance: Patches, Configuration, Reports and More - Read this whitepaper to learn how to get everything on one page, to make patch management and configuration auditing consistent and automated so you can stop wasting money and time. [Download Now]


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