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CISA Warns of Zoho ManageEngine RCE Vulnerability Exploitation

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Thursday warned of cyberattacks targeting a recently addressed vulnerability in Zoho ManageEngine.

Acquired by Zoho in 2014, the enterprise IT software provides management capabilities for identity and access, endpoints, enterprise services, security information and events, and IT operations.

Tracked as CVE-2022-35405 (CVSS score of 9.8), the exploited security flaw is described as a remote code execution (RCE) bug impacting ManageEngine Password Manager Pro before 12101, ManageEngine PAM360 before 5510, and ManageEngine Access Manager Plus before 4303.

In ManageEngine Password Manager Pro and PAM360, no authentication is required for successful exploitation. An attacker targeting vulnerable ManageEngine Access Manager Plus instances, however, does need to be authenticated.

Zoho released patches to address this security bug in June, when it also warned that proof-of-concept (PoC) code targeting the vulnerability was available online.

“The exploit PoC for the above vulnerability is available in public. We strongly recommend our customers to upgrade the instances of Password Manager Pro, PAM360 and Access Manager Plus immediately,” Zoho said in its advisory.

The researcher who discovered the flaw published a blog post earlier this month to describe his findings.

On Thursday, CISA added CVE-2022-35405 to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog, saying that it has evidence of active exploitation.

Warning that vulnerabilities in the KEV catalog are typically exploited for initial access, CISA says that federal agencies have until October 13 to apply the relevant patches for CVE-2022-35405.

Federal agencies are required by the Binding Operational Directive (BOD) 22-01 to resolve known security issues in their environments, but CISA notes that all organizations should review the KEV catalog and prioritize timely remediation.

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