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Facebook parent Meta says the US military was behind tens of recently removed accounts, pages and groups that were part of an influence operation. [Read More]
Microsoft has warned organizations about the risks associated with Boa, a discontinued web server, after hackers exploited it in attacks aimed at a power grid. [Read More]
CISA has released an updated version of IRPF, which provides responders with new tools and guidance for improving infrastructure resilience. [Read More]
The Aurora botnet/information stealer is seeing increasing adoption among cybercriminals as it continues to evade detection. [Read More]
CloudSEK warns of thousands of applications leaking Algolia API keys, including tens with hardcoded admin keys, potentially exposing data of millions of users. [Read More]
Researchers discovered more than 13 BMC firmware vulnerabilities, including critical flaws that can expose OT and IoT devices to remote attacks. [Read More]
The Ducktail information stealer has been updated with new capabilities and has adopted new spear-phishing avenues for distribution, such as WhatsApp. [Read More]
Microsoft has released an out-of-band update after learning that the security patch for CVE-2022-37966 started causing Kerberos authentication issues. [Read More]
Some Cisco Secure Email Gateway filters can be bypassed using specially crafted emails, which Cisco says is caused by an issue with McAfee and Sophos malware scanners. [Read More]
GAO says the Department of Interior needs to address the cybersecurity risks that offshore oil and gas infrastructure face. [Read More]

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Gordon Lawson's picture
Zero trust is a great way to approach security, but we need to change the paradigm to prevent threats, instead of just detecting them.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
By understanding how to identify, isolate, and remove unwanted bot and fraud traffic, enterprises can remove the noise clouding the visibility they have into their online applications.
Marc Solomon's picture
The goal of security automation is to accelerate detection and response, but you’ll waste a lot of time if you try to eat the elephant all at once.
Laurence Pitt's picture
A well-implemented ZTNA with the ‘trust-no-one, assume nothing’ mantra is also a great tool to mitigate potential attacks.
Marie Hattar's picture
For Smart Cities to truly live up to their promise, we shouldn’t forget that – like all infrastructure – safety and security are a top priority.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
A healthy dose of curiosity and humility can help enterprises ask the right questions, perform the right analysis, and focus on the right topics around improving their fraud programs.
Marc Solomon's picture
With an approach that is data-driven and flexible, you can get as simple or as advanced as the detection and response demands.
Derek Manky's picture
Organizations can strengthen their security posture by getting detailed information on current attack techniques and keeping their employees’ cyber hygiene training up to date.
Gordon Lawson's picture
The adoption of IoT technology used to connect SCADA systems to the internet either directly or indirectly dramatically increases the risk of a successful exploit.
Laurence Pitt's picture
It was great to be back in-person at security events, and I enjoyed meeting with people and discussing our solutions face-to-face.