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US authorities unveiled long-delayed new rules aimed at clamping down on export to nations like Russia and China of hacking technology amid a sharp uptick in cyberattacks globally. [Read More]
The latest iteration of the Chrome browser ditches support for the FTP protocol and removes several features to improve security. [Read More]
News Analysis: Venture capitalists are betting that hardware and software innovation is finally coming together to solve one of the “holy grails” of encryption. [Read More]
Query.AI, a company that has developed a security investigations platform for enterprises, this week announced raising $15 million in a Series A funding round. [Read More]
Armed with an exploit chain targeting CVE-2021-21224 and CVE-2021-31956, the EK can now target Chromium-based browsers on Windows systems. [Read More]
The company plans to use the funds to accelerate adoption of its marketplace, which enables researchers to monetize their content to help cybersecurity defenders. [Read More]
Acer has confirmed that, in addition to servers in India, hackers breached some of its servers in Taiwan, but claims no customer data was compromised. [Read More]
Zerodium is looking to buy zero-day exploits targeting the Windows versions of the ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark VPN applications. [Read More]
Just over half of these deal with vulnerabilities that could be exploited remotely without authentication. [Read More]
Help for roughly 100,000 teachers whose Social Security numbers were made vulnerable in a massive state data breach could cost Missouri as much as $50 million, the governor’s office confirmed Tuesday. [Read More]

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By rooting out ineffective security practitioners, you can keep your security teams protected and engaged in a productive manner.
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Organizations considering ZTNA should look for these three essential components as a minimum when evaluating any solution.
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Far too many engineers in the trenches don’t take the time to lift their heads to see context, so when good (and bad) things happen, this is a great management opportunity that you should take full advantage of.
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Enterprises can't rely on Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools to detect suspicious activity on a user’s system to quarantine the system or even to reimage.
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Despite having different infrastructure, goals and methods, threat actors do not work in a vacuum. They feed off of each other.
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How can organizations fight ransomware? The best solution is always prevention. Here are three tactics toward that goal.
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When it comes to ensuring cyber talent retention, establishing the right working environment is critical to keeping people engaged and motivated to stay.
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Current cloud deployments pose significant risks that could be mitigated with minor changes to infrastructure procurement and access.
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As it has become clear that remote/hybrid work is here to stay, IT security practitioners must figure out how to enable a secure and resilient anywhere workforce to minimize their future risk exposure.
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It’s important to show the effectiveness of training initiatives. Managers want to make sure that they're getting a return on their investment and justify future training budgets requests.