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A security researcher has published a PoC exploit for the recently addressed Android zero-day vulnerability that impacts Pixel 2 devices. [Read More]
Combining a Verified Mark Certificate and DMARC will allow organizations to add the marketing effect of their branded logo to phishing-proofed emails. [Read More]
Global shipping and ecommerce giant Pitney Bowes has blamed the recent security incident that caused some service disruptions on the Ryuk ransomware. [Read More]
A northwestern Indiana hospital system is warning more than 68,000 patients that their personal information, including Social Security numbers and health records, may have been exposed during a data breach. [Read More]
The head of Russia's security service said it is reviving cooperation with US agencies over cybersecurity despite major tensions between the two countries. [Read More]
Instagram is introducing new features designed to give users more control over the data they share with third-party applications and websites. [Read More]
TA505, the Russian-speaking threat actor known for operating the Dridex Trojan and Locky ransomware, has been using a new remote access Trojan (RAT) in recent attacks. [Read More]
The city of Baltimore is set to purchase $20 million in cyber insurance coverage, five months after an attack hobbled its computer network. [Read More]
Russia-linked threat actor APT29 has been successfully avoiding detection for the past three years while compromising multiple government targets. [Read More]
A critical vulnerability allows remote, unauthenticated attackers to gain unauthorized access to Cisco Aironet access points with elevated privileges. [Read More]

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Marc Solomon's picture
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a great vehicle to raise awareness for cybersecurity and to remind every organization that the ability to improve security operations begins with contextual awareness.
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A single, cross-platform security strategy ensures that your cloud security deployment doesn’t replicate the challenges of complexity, siloed solutions, and solution sprawl faced in traditional network security environments.
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Here’s a crash-course on the intelligence cycle and how you can apply and derive value from its core principles—no matter your role or security discipline:
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Because blockchain can process millions of transactions accurately and in the right order, it can protect the data exchanges happening between IoT devices.
Gunter Ollmann's picture
The faster in-house network administrators can transition to becoming public cloud network security engineers, architects, or analysts, the faster their organizations can implement digital transformation.
Jim Gordon's picture
The decisions platform companies make have profound impacts on every single CISO on the planet, and we need more CISOs speak up. If your enterprise has the opportunity to engage with platform companies– do so.
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Now is the time to evaluate what methods of authentication will best serve your organization on the path to a passwordless future.
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The time to get serious about metrics is long overdue. It is in this spirit that I offer five helpful tips for building meaningful security metrics.
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Until government agencies start implementing identity-centric security measures, account compromise attacks will continue to provide a perfect cover for data breaches.
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Recycled cyber attacks may be a fairly new development in ICS security, but they have been a staple in IT environments for years.