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CrowdStrike expands Falcon platform with a malware and intelligence search engine [Read More]
Trend Micro and ClearSky publish report on Operation Wilted Tulip, a cyber espionage campaign conducted by Iran-linked CopyKittens [Read More]
A news website in Georgia delivers a new version of the old Mac Trojan dubbed Leverage to Safari users [Read More]
Kaspersky attributes more than 600 malware samples to a China-linked cyberspy group that has targeted Southeast Asia since at least 2012 [Read More]
Facebook, GitHub and the Ford Foundation donate a total of $300,000 to the Internet Bug Bounty (IBB) to help expand the program [Read More]
British man said to be the hacker BestBuy admitted in a German court that he used the Mirai malware to hijack the routers of Deutsche Telekom customers [Read More]
Schneider Electric was informed by a researcher that its Trio TView software uses a version of Java from 2011 affected by over 360 vulnerabilities [Read More]
Cybercriminals are testing a new component that can help the Emotet Trojan spread on internal networks [Read More]
Researcher tricks Symantec into revoking certificates based on forged private keys – Comodo did not fall for the same trick [Read More]
CyberX launches new technology that allows organizations to simulate breach and attack vectors on their ICS networks [Read More]

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Jim Ivers's picture
If we agree that quality and security problems are both a form of defect, then we must sufficiently address both to produce software of the highest integrity.
Adam Meyer's picture
As with anything new, you need to prepare and plan for IoT devices being in your environment to maximize the value they provide, while minimizing the inherent risk of these network-enabled devices.
Dan Cornell's picture
Gaining an understanding of the tools that development teams use provides security teams with valuable insight into how developers work, how they make decisions, and the incentives that drive them.
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Enlightened toy manufacturers likely begin to embrace the basic concepts of IoT security and build connected toys that can be trusted by parents.
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Enabling developers through the right mix of tools and education just makes too much sense and generates too much value for all concerned.
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Cyber threat intelligence is showing us is that most threats simply exploit a series of well-documented vulnerabilities and other weak points to move along the path of least resistance – and the most profit.
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Not adhering to responsible disclosure has the potential to amplify the threats posed by certain vulnerabilities and incidents.
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Many of you understand that addressing the vulnerabilities in your software is something you can no longer ignore, and are ready to get serious about software security.
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If your target is a connected toy, there is a new angle to consider: how secure is that toy? Is the connectivity of the toy potentially exposing personal data about your child?
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Many can figure out how to hack Smart-city services using simple techniques like replay to get free services or, in some cases, make a little bit of money.