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Thousands of embedded systems compromised by Rakos Linux malware. No malicious actions yet, but botnet could be used for powerful DDoS attacks [Read More]
Researchers tested the security of industrial robots and discovered that many machines can be hacked remotely [Read More]
Router botnet used to attack WordPress websites dies down. Unclear if operators pulled the plug or if disruption was caused by law enforcement [Read More]
WikiLeaks released details on CIA hacking tool designed to record audio via the built-in microphone of Samsung smart TVs [Read More]
Vulnerabilities in Bosch’s Drivelog Connect dongle and its mobile app allow hackers to send malicious CAN messages to a car and stop its engine [Read More]
DARPA is seeking proposals for hardware architectures that will disarm many of today’s software attacks [Read More]
Hundreds of thousands of IIoT and ICS products could be exposed to attacks due to critical vulnerabilities affecting a widely used CODESYS framework [Read More]
A new IoT/Linux botnet dubbed Amnesia targets DVRs using an unpatched vulnerability disclosed one year ago [Read More]
Researchers discovered several vulnerabilities in Double telepresence robots. Flaws patched with server-side fix [Read More]
Researcher discloses backdoor affecting video recorders and IP cameras from Dahua. The vendor has started releasing firmware updates [Read More]

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