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Quantum computing technology could provide computing 100 million times faster than current conventional technology, making it possible to 'break' current public-key cryptosystems. [Read More]
Several vulnerabilities found in HPE SiteScope. No patches available, but users can apply workarounds [Read More]
WikiLeaks releases details on CherryBlossom, a tool used by the CIA to hack wireless routers and access points [Read More]
Despite being exploited in wide-spread malicious attacks, SMB, telnet, RDP, and other types of improperly exposed ports continue to put both enterprises and consumers at risk, a new Rapid7 report reveals. [Read More]
IBM Security announces new cloud identity service that will become available in the IBM Cloud Marketplace later this week [Read More]
Qualys announces new product designed to help organizations secure containers in on-premises and cloud environments [Read More]
GameStop finally confirms hackers stole personal and payment card data from its website - attackers had access between August 2016 and February 2017 [Read More]
Cisco’s Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) product is affected by two critical vulnerabilities introduced by a default account and a debug tool [Read More]
VMware has patched critical and important vulnerabilities in its Horizon View Client and vSphere Data Protection products [Read More]
Critical infrastructure, and national security, public and private organizations must at least encrypt their data; even if legislators and regulators have to mandate encryption requirements, ICIT says. [Read More]

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Alastair Paterson's picture
By using best practices to protect credentials, while at the same time monitoring for leaked credentials and changes in the tools attackers use, you can mitigate the risk of account takeovers to your organization.
Preston Hogue's picture
Today an organization may have thousands of apps on the internet, but having thousands of monolithic security devices just isn’t practical.
Scott Simkin's picture
Traditional methods of creating, delivering and operationalizing security innovations have grown ever more complex due to a combination of several market factors.
Eddie Garcia's picture
Apache Spot is in its early stages yet it already has all the potential to be the platform where the good guys collaborate, sharing models and algorithms to find the bad actors.
Ken McAlpine's picture
Once you’ve decided that you need to include some SD-WAN capabilities to your network, you should also look at the implications to your security practices.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
When it comes to automation, most defenders are operating at a deficit. So what’s holding so many enterprises back from incorporating automation in their security programs?
Ting-Fang Yen's picture
With the commoditization of cloud computing in recent years, fraudsters and cybercriminals alike have started to take advantage of public cloud services and dedicated/virtual hosting to conduct attacks.
Oliver Rochford's picture
Einstein is often quoted as having said that insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. When it comes to cybersecurity, based on that definition, we must all be insane.
Preston Hogue's picture
Defenders need a new type of counterinsurgent security that can move out into the jungle to protect users and sensitive data against attackers who disguise their exploits with the very encryption that we think keeps us safe.
Marie Hattar's picture
Understanding how well (or not) websites and networks deal with the unexpected spikes in inbound traffic is the first step in dealing with DDoS attacks.