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Schneider Electric and industrial cybersecurity startup Claroty have teamed up to offer solutions for securing industrial infrastructure [Read More]
Siemens warns customers that some of its medical imaging products are exposed to attacks due to Windows vulnerabilities exploited in the wild [Read More]
A a group of senators has introduced bipartisan legislation to force vendors to ensure basic security within their IoT devices if they wish to sell into the government market. [Read More]
ICS-CERT and ZDI disclose details of critical vulnerabilities affecting Mitsubishi Electric’s E-Designer, a tool used to program E1000 HMIs [Read More]
ICS-CERT issues warning for a CAN bus vulnerability after researchers publish a PoC exploit for DoS attacks [Read More]
Researchers from China-based Tencent managed to remotely hack a Tesla Model X. The carmaker patched the flaws they exploited [Read More]
Researchers demonstrate how a hacker can hijack a connected car wash and use it to physically attack a vehicle and its occupants [Read More]
Researchers have discovered multiple unpatched vulnerabilities in different radiation monitoring devices used in nuclear power plants. [Read More]
An internet-connected smart fish tank transferred 10GB of data to an adversary's server in Finland, according to a report from UK cybersecurity firm Darktrace [Read More]
Schneider Electric was informed by a researcher that its Trio TView software uses a version of Java from 2011 affected by over 360 vulnerabilities [Read More]


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Galina Antova's picture
In the ICS world, we clearly don’t have a decade to evolve through the same layered/defense-in-depth strategies that marked the last decade in IT security.
Barak Perelman's picture
Organizations need specialized monitoring and control technologies for ICS networks that provide the deep, real-time visibility to identify suspicious or malicious activity
Barak Perelman's picture
If WannaCry had targeted industrial controllers, it would have been much more difficult to protect them and the damage would have been much more widespread.
Riaz Zolfonoon's picture
It’s the best of the internet of things and the worst of the internet of things: unprecedented connectivity that creates both tremendous opportunity and considerable risk.
David Holmes's picture
An organization with a mature security process should be doing threat modeling on web applications and Internet of Things devices in the enterprise.
Galina Antova's picture
The security risk to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks is systemic and not determined by vulnerabilities alone.
Barak Perelman's picture
It’s a generally known fact that most Industrial Control System (ICS) environments were not built with cyber security in mind because they were designed before the cyber threat existed.
David Holmes's picture
Don’t dismiss the IoT as just a consumer security problem. We have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the original Internet and build some security into the Internet of Things, if we act quickly.
Galina Antova's picture
The “red lines” that conventional wisdom once held would prevent disruptive or destructive attacks against critical infrastructure have now been crossed numerous times, and we can safely assume they will be again.
Barak Perelman's picture
Industrial organizations need early detection of suspicious activity like unauthorized network scans, attempts to read information from controllers and other unsanctioned control-plane activity.