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An open source tool called “Truffle Hog” helps developers check if they’ve accidentally leaked any secret keys on GitHub [Read More]
Google releases Project Wycheproof, a tool designed to test cryptographic software libraries for known vulnerabilities [Read More]
Researchers analyzed 44,000 plugins from the official WordPress plugin directory and found vulnerabilities in more than 8,800 of them [Read More]
Private Internet Access has contracted cryptography expert Matthew Green to conduct a comprehensive audit of OpenVPN [Read More]
Researchers discovered several cURL vulnerabilities in audit sponsored by the Mozilla Secure Open Source program [Read More]
Muddy Waters and MedSec have responded to St. Jude’s lawsuit. Their claims have been backed by an outside security consulting firm [Read More]
Audit conducted recently by GAO shows that the FDA exposes industry and public health information due to improper security controls [Read More]
St. Jude has filed a lawsuit against MedSec and Muddy Waters over allegations that its medical devices have critical vulnerabilities [Read More]
University researchers find flaws in the report claiming that St. Jude medical devices have serious vulnerabilities [Read More]
Medical device manufacturer St. Jude refutes claims that its products have serious vulnerabilities. Incident leads to trading halt [Read More]


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To communicate about our metrics, we need ways that we can ground our experience in terms of “normal” for us; Otherwise, we really can't communicate our metrics effectively with anyone who isn't in a similar environment.
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Security is a creature of habit. Security likes things to stay the same. Change brings chaos. Chaos is bad for security. But, we can help control the security of our environment by following good security habits.
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A new amendment to Texas' breach notice law is designed to make it easier for Texas entities to comply with Texas law by giving those entities the choice of notifying under Texas law or the law of residents of other states.
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While regulations and ensuing IT audits go beyond firewalls and firewall policies, these devices are often a good place to start when it comes to becoming "audit-ready" and gaining continuous visibility of what's going on in your network.
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Santa doesn’t care if you were naughty or nice on Christmas Eve – what matters is how you did all year. Security is much the same.
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For most CISOs, the pain of an audit is part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be the nightmare that most of the IT community envisions.
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Too many IT and risk managers are surprised by security breaches, compromised keys or operational failures that occur from sheer neglect that result when you leave your valuable keys as exposed as a password on a post-it. Hefty, potential fines for failing to comply with regulations are risk enough, but the risks of ignoring these vulnerabilities extend even further.
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The vast majority of ISVs are focused on prospecting and lead generation while overlooking potential sales funnel leakage due to piracy. Any vendor that is serious about its longevity needs to know if it has a software piracy problem.
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Enjoy this selection of top picks for 2010, listed in no particular order. Happy New Year!