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The xRAT mobile remote access Trojan (RAT) includes extensive data collection capabilities and is associated with known mobile and Windows-targeting threats. [Read More]
Trend Micro will offer over $500,000 in cash prizes at Zero Day Initiative’s Mobile Pwn2Own contest set to take place Nov. 1-2, during the PacSec 2017 Conference in Tokyo, Japan. [Read More]
A recently spotted Android banking Trojan targeting South Korean users via SMS phishing messages (smishing) was linked to an infection campaign from two years ago, McAfee says. [Read More]
Multiple competitive vendors collaborated in the research and neutralization (takedown) of a major new Android botnet called WireX. [Read More]
PoC released for recently patched iOS kernel vulnerabilities that can be chained to take full control of a device. Exploit also good for jailbreaks [Read More]
Cybercriminals have again started creating Android malware that abuses WAP billing to make a profit [Read More]
Zerodium offers up to $500,000 for remote code execution and privilege escalation exploits targeting popular instant messaging and email apps [Read More]
Dropper found on Google Play abuses accessibility services to deliver Android malware, including Bankbot [Read More]
A spate of incidents involving US warships in Asia, including a deadly collision this week off Singapore, has forced the navy to consider whether cyberattackers might be to blame [Read More]
Cisco adds end-to-end encryption, mobile device security for non-managed devices, and other capabilities to Spark collaboration platform [Read More]

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From what to support to how to ensure the security of mobile apps and data, enterprises are banging their heads against the wall to find a solution to secure mobile.
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We can attempt to predict the future, but without proper security measures in place, data breaches are bound to happen. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if a breach will occur, but when.
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When determining how risky an app is, we must consider intentional features within these permissions to determine whether or not they’re a risk to the enterprise.
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At the end of the day, the kill switch will not only decrease the amount of people mugged for their phones because there is little net value in the device itself, but it will also provide individuals with the means to wipe the device of personal information.
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COPE is often an attractive model for organizations concerned about keeping mobile data secure but presents its own set of issues. So how does COPE stack up against BYOD?
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This shift to mobile exposes a major fault that needs to be addressed and security practices must address mobile threats as well.
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To help cybersecurity professionals cut through the hype and gain a better understanding of what to expect as the Internet of Everything continues to evolve, these top 10 observations might help.
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Yesterday’s device management approach does not work in a BYOD world. The end users are bringing their own devices, so we need to adjust to accommodate this new world order.
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Security teams and lines of business have reached a turning point on BYOD. It’s now become more important than ever for the CISO to figure out how to manage risk without inhibiting users.
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Many of us create our own blind spots through assumption. Until we understand what is occurring on mobile devices, we cannot determine if our controls are effective at managing risk.