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Leaked Photos of TSA Officers in Action

Apparently the leaked photos from TSA “full body scanners” aren’t the only things that have been leaked lately. A trusted source tipped us off and was able to send along some "in action” photos taken from an undisclosed domestic airport, showing TSA Officers as they did their jobs to help keep America safe. As you can tell, it's not easy.

TSA Xray

TSA Female Violation

I’m kidding. With all the heat on the TSA lately between the new full-body scanners and invasive pat-downs, we thought we would lighten things up a bit.

These images are screenshots from “Homeland Insecurity,” a comedy series produced by Rob Shalhoub and Rani Aliahmad. Homeland Insecurity is a workplace comedy about Airport Security workers who bring more baggage to work than their clients. Originally developed to be a Web series, Shalhoub and Aliahmad's Trend Media recently sold the concept and rights to CBS.  The trailer is hilarious and I really hope this makes it to the air.

TSA Dummy

TSA Officer Dancing

TSA Violate Female

TSA Sprint

TSA Timer

TSA Training

TSA Shoes

TSA Stun Gun

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