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FireEye CEO David DeWalt will step down from the top position at the security firm, being replaced by current FireEye president Kevin Mandia. [Read More]
FireEye Security Orchestrator automates interaction between FireEye's product suite and provides an open platform for automation and integration with third party products. [Read More]
Adobe plans to address critical vulnerabilities in its widely deployed software for viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. [Read More]
Researchers identified 12,000 references to PoC exploits over the last year, with social media being the main distribution channel. [Read More]
A serious vulnerability in a Qualcomm software package allows hackers to access sensitive data stored on Android devices [Read More]
Cisco patches critical and high severity vulnerabilities in FirePOWER and TelePresence products [Read More]
Apple has updated Xcode to version 7.3.1 to address a couple of vulnerabilities affecting Git [Read More]
Researchers discovered 'a young Russian hacker' bragging in an online forum that he had acquired and was ready to give away 1.17 billion stolen credential records. [Read More]
The Core Infrastructure Initiative’s first best practices badges were earned by Curl, GitLab, the Linux kernel, OpenBlox, OpenSSL, Node.js and Zephyr [Read More]
A stored XSS vulnerability in the bbPress forum software WordPress plugin exposed 300,000 websites to attacks [Read More]

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Ken McAlpine's picture
The emergence of IoT may finally be the technology that brings security from a network afterthought and bolt-on technology to an integral, persistent, omnipresent part of the network.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Before we can understand the purpose of analysis within the greater incident response process, we need to better understand the decision-making process.
Bill Sweeney's picture
The concept of cyber Unicorns is that financial crime achieved via cyber means is no longer a pastime; rather it’s a full time job.
Wade Williamson's picture
The evolution of ransomware from simple malware to more persistent attacks has a major impact on the way enterprise security teams have to think about mitigation.
Avi Chesla's picture
Security technologies must be provisioned with the right policy in order to ensure it complements the neighboring solution, and must also be activated in the right sequence.
Jim Ivers's picture
Developers are not trained in security and security is not yet an adequately integrated component of the development process. We are not applying good, or even minimal, security practices.
Scott Simkin's picture
Threat intelligence is only valuable if an organization takes the necessary steps to quickly and easily apply that intelligence to actual security policy.
Shlomo Kramer's picture
When it comes to deciding why you should re-evaluate security vendors, the solution’s roadmap is of strategic importance because it may require technical analysis and rethinking of the overall network security architecture.
Emily Ratliff's picture
Writing yet another “security” paper isn’t going to do the trick. Security practitioners need to do a better job of getting our messages integrated into core developer documentation.
Adam Meyer's picture
Gaining awareness of supply chain risks and addressing them in the context of broader risk management programs will put organizations in a much better position when it comes to managing their cyber risk.