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Security firm discloses details of unauthenticated remote code execution and arbitrary file deletion vulnerabilities in vBulletin. A patch will be released soon [Read More]
French aerospace and defence group has acquired European SIM manufacturer Gemalto in a bid to become a global leader in digital security. [Read More]
Microsoft has disabled the Dynamic Update Exchange protocol (DDE) feature in all supported versions of Word. [Read More]
Researchers believe Iran used the Triton/Trisis ICS malware to attack a critical infrastructure organization in Saudi Arabia [Read More]
Following the release of the Certificate Transparency Monitoring utility in December 2016, Facebook has decided to release new tools for developers using the Certificate Transparency framework. [Read More]
An information security policy should reflect the value of the data being protected -- but this assumes that the value of data is understood. [Read More]
Trend Micro security researchers recently discovered a highly targeted piece of malware designed to steal information from automated teller machines (ATMs). [Read More]
Nigerian national David Chukwuneke Adindu sentenced by a U.S. court to 41 months in prison for his role in BEC scams [Read More]
Synaptics to remove debug tool from its touchpad drivers after it was described by a security researcher as a keylogger [Read More]
Netherlands-based security firm Fox-IT revealed that it was the victim of an MitM attack after hackers changed DNS records at its domain registrar [Read More]

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Lance Cottrell's picture
The internet drives much of the world’s intelligence gathering, but its rapid evolution and lack of flexible policy-making is affecting how analysts do their jobs.
Marc Solomon's picture
There’s no reason that 2018 should be another year where attackers continue to successfully exploit the known.
Alan Cohen's picture
While the overwhelming array of choices has given technologists a lot to evaluate, they have not gone far enough to lower the actual security risk facing organizations.
Jim Ivers's picture
With a software composition analysis (SCA) tool in place, security teams can quickly scan an information repository and know where vulnerable software is being used.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Many organizations seem to focus almost entirely on technological solutions to tactical problems, rather than on strategically addressing how they can best and most efficiently protect data.
David Holmes's picture
The "Reaper" IoT botnet is holding itself up as a blinky light in front of our faces, reminding the InfoSec community that we really need to get ahead of IoT madness.
Jack Danahy's picture
With all of our collective focus on machine learning, we simply can’t overlook human learning’s critical role in guarding against attack and protecting the organization.
Marie Hattar's picture
Without visibility, your security teams are more likely to over or under invest in your company’s security infrastructure. That is a big risk to take.
John Maddison's picture
Cybercriminals have begun to leverage automation and machine learning in their attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).
Markus Jakobsson's picture
While there are no signs today of criminals consolidating and reselling data from different breaches, it is an obvious concern as the value-add of the packaging would be substantial.